About Us

BookMeOnline is run by Best Bookings Ltd, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, who have spent 10 years creating booking software that keeps managers in the loop - whether they are in the office, at meetings - or even on holiday! 

A booking system enables a few staff to do the work of many by automating many of the routine tasks that are normally time-consuming and paper-driven - such as taking phone orders, booking customers in for services, appointments or treatment, etc. 

Technology comes into its own with a booking system. Wherever you happen to be, using a smartphone or tablet, workflows, tasks and accounting as well as all customer data is available at any time night or day wherever you can get an internet connection.  What a boon for busy owners and managers who have all the essential business control and marketing features they need to expand their business and keep accurate digital records in a fast moving world.

Booking systems can help you deliver a better service with fewer admin staff - especially at peak periods.

Booking Systems are a boon for all kinds of businesses, such as driving instructors, builders, hairdressers, restaurants and many other occupations. 

Time-saving business tools for smartphones ...

You and your staff can all log in to the online system, using the perameters you set up.   

With a booking system, you and your staff do more - with less!  Reception work is less hassle ... if you have fluctuating demand at peak times when everyone wants to book something at the same time, your booking system automatically smooths everything out for you.

Your diary becomes populated efficiently and automatically at times that suit you...and your system can also take payments up front, whether it`s a deposit or the full amount - but you remain in control of what options are available.  Receptionists don`t spend valuable time talking clients through the initial phases of a booking, and clients can make their own bookings to suit themselves without going through a time-consuming phone call.

Modern, user-friendly booking systems that match your website

Through working with our clients, we`ve found that booking systems are especially helpful for the sole trader or a business that relies on increasing bookings and perhaps employs a number of staff.  So we have created booking systems that grow with your business and attach to your website seamlessly.

Flexible payments

If you are excited about having a booking system, we make it affordable for you, to help you get your booking system up and running.

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Many, many companies are waking up to the time - and money saving possibilities - that a booking system offers them. Try out the demo, or come and talk to us, and we can explain further and set you up with your own booking system.  With flexible basic, budget or bespoke options, a booking system can be affordable, too!

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